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grandfather out at the front ▓door, and then came back to the room ▓where Lyon was waiting.Calmly seat▓ing herself, she bent an inquiring and ▓unsmiling look upon him.It struc▓k him that she had shown nothing of her gran●dfather's tendency to unnecessary words. ▓I


have come at the request of Mr.Lawrence, who▓ wished me to bring you a message, Lyon said.▓ There was something like a● flash of light in her shadowy eyes, b▓ut whether it meant eagerness or anger, love▓ or hate, Lyon could not say.She bent that▓ same intent, unsmi


ling regard upon him, with ●only a deepening of its intentn●ess, as though waiting for his next word with● held breath. Mr.Lawrence con▓sidered it important that I should see ▓you personally and at once, since he could ●not come himself to explain his reasons for wha


t▓ may sound like an extraordinary request, ●he went on deliberately. She mo●ved restlessly.I have not ●seen Mr.Lawrence since-- Lyon in●terrupted.Pardon me, may I● give you the message before you say anyt●hing more Mr.Lawrence has been ●arrested on the charge o

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f killing Warren Ful●lerton-- Oh, heavens, has it com●e to that the girl gasped, with horror o▓n her face. Lyon raised a warnin

s pulses bega●n to tingle as

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g hand.And▓ his urgent request to you is that you refrain● from giving any information which, you may▓ possess in regard

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to the matt▓er to any one.That of course includes myself. ▓ Miss Wolcott was holding fast to the arms▓ of the chair and her

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pallor seemed to ▓have deepened visibly, but she did not los▓e her self-control for a moment. ●Lyon would have given much to be abl

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e t●o tell whether the feeling which▓ she obviously held back from expression was▓ fear or concern or contempt●. You of course saw the account ▓of the murder in the morning papers, ▓he continued, deeming it advisable to put her i▓n possession of the situation as fully as pos●sible.The inquest was held today, and ▓Mr.Lawrence has been taken in▓to custody,--merely on suspicion, of cou▓rse.It is known that he had had a qua▓rrel with Mr.Fullerton, and his bro▓ken cane was found in the neighborhood. Mis▓s Wolcott's intense eyes seem?/p> ● let her

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